Oceania Grand Voyages

Some regions beg for further exploration, and with Oceania Grand Voyages and Extended Journeys, you can see as much of the world as you wish. Indulge that desire to travel farther and linger longer in spectacular destinations that span oceans and continents.

If you're torn between the sunny Greek Isles and the alluring French and Italian rivieras, you can experience them both on these voyages, which often highlight multiple regions. Go on safari in South Africa, ponder the pagodas of Thailand, and take in astonishing city views from the soaring skyscrapers of China.

Along the way, unwind with leisurely days at sea and dine on exquisite cuisine. Experience more of Your World. Your Way.

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21-Nights from Singapore to Taipei Cruise New OfferingOceania RegattaApr 3, 2025$8,099
23-Nights from Los Angeles to Vancouver Cruise Oceania RegattaApr 20, 2024$7,499$4,400
23-Nights from London to Barcelona Cruise Oceania SirenaApr 22, 2024$8,499$4,400
33-Nights from London to Rome Cruise Oceania SirenaApr 22, 2024$16,699$4,400
20-Nights from Trieste to Rome Cruise Oceania VistaMay 1, 2024$10,499$4,400
22-Nights from London to Rome Cruise Oceania SirenaMay 3, 2024$7,199$4,400
21-Nights from Istanbul to Trieste Cruise Oceania VistaMay 11, 2024$14,799$4,400
34-Nights from Cape Town to Paris Cruise Oceania NauticaMay 21, 2024$13,299$4,400
20-Nights from Rome to Dublin Cruise Oceania SirenaMay 25, 2024$6,699$4,400
31-Nights from Rome to Copenhagen Cruise Oceania SirenaMay 25, 2024$10,799$4,400
43-Nights from Rome to Reykjavik Cruise Oceania SirenaMay 25, 2024$14,599$4,400
23-Nights from Rome to Amsterdam Cruise Oceania MarinaJun 1, 2024$11,899$4,400
18-Nights from Trieste to Istanbul Cruise Oceania VistaJun 1, 2024$20,299$4,400
17-Nights from Athens to Trieste Cruise Oceania VistaJun 12, 2024$9,799$4,400
23-Nights from Lisbon to Oslo Cruise Oceania MarinaJun 13, 2024$11,799$4,400
23-Nights from Dublin to Reykjavik Cruise Oceania SirenaJun 14, 2024$9,899$4,400
20-Nights from Rome to Athens Cruise Oceania RivieraJun 17, 2024$7,999$4,400
22-Nights from Istanbul to Barcelona Cruise Oceania VistaJun 19, 2024$12,499$4,400
22-Nights from Amsterdam to London Cruise Oceania MarinaJun 24, 2024$11,999$4,400
20-Nights from Trieste to Istanbul Cruise Oceania RivieraJun 27, 2024$7,999$4,400
24-Nights from Trieste to Athens Cruise Oceania VistaJun 29, 2024$13,299$4,400
19-Nights from Amsterdam to Stockholm Cruise Oceania NauticaJul 4, 2024$25,199$4,400
20-Nights from Oslo to Copenhagen Cruise Oceania MarinaJul 6, 2024$8,399$4,400
24-Nights from New York to Copenhagen Cruise Oceania InsigniaJul 12, 2024$9,499$4,400
51-Nights Roundtrip from New York Cruise Oceania InsigniaJul 12, 2024$19,349$4,400
44-Nights Roundtrip from London Cruise Oceania MarinaJul 16, 2024$23,499$4,400
24-Nights from Reykjavik to Oslo Cruise Oceania SirenaJul 17, 2024$10,099$4,400
22-Nights from Stockholm to Dublin Cruise Oceania NauticaJul 23, 2024$8,499$4,400
25-Nights from Copenhagen to Reykjavik Cruise Oceania MarinaJul 26, 2024$14,399$4,400
34-Nights from Copenhagen to London Cruise Oceania MarinaJul 26, 2024$19,499$4,400
22-Nights from Barcelona to Rome Cruise Oceania RivieraAug 3, 2024$8,299$4,400
27-Nights from Copenhagen to New York Cruise Oceania InsigniaAug 5, 2024$9,199$4,400
30-Nights from Oslo to Stockholm Cruise Oceania SirenaAug 10, 2024$11,099$4,400
22-Nights from Rome to Monte-Carlo Cruise Oceania RivieraAug 13, 2024$8,399$4,400
28-Nights from Dublin to Boston Cruise Oceania NauticaAug 14, 2024$33,199$4,400
22-Nights from London to New York Cruise Oceania InsigniaAug 17, 2024$7,699$4,400
25-Nights from Edinburgh to Boston Cruise Oceania NauticaAug 24, 2024$9,999$4,400
20-Nights from Monte-Carlo to Rome Cruise Oceania VistaAug 24, 2024$9,999$4,400
24-Nights Roundtrip from London Cruise Oceania MarinaAug 29, 2024$14,099$4,400
30-Nights from Athens to Barcelona Cruise Oceania VistaSep 3, 2024$14,699$4,400
20-Nights from Athens to Lisbon Cruise Oceania VistaSep 3, 2024$10,499$4,400
18-Nights from New York to Montreal Cruise Oceania InsigniaSep 8, 2024$13,599$4,400
20-Nights from Rome to Barcelona Cruise Oceania VistaSep 13, 2024$9,899$4,400
19-Nights from Vancouver to Los Angeles Cruise Oceania RegattaSep 14, 2024$5,399$4,400
18-Nights from Boston to Montreal Cruise Oceania NauticaSep 18, 2024$6,899$4,400
24-Nights from London to Valletta Cruise Oceania MarinaSep 22, 2024$11,699$4,400
34-Nights from London to Rome Cruise Oceania MarinaSep 22, 2024$21,499$4,400
20-Nights from Lisbon to Rome Cruise Oceania VistaSep 23, 2024$10,099$4,400
27-Nights from Lisbon to Athens Cruise Oceania VistaSep 23, 2024$25,699$4,400
22-Nights from Stockholm to Amsterdam Cruise Oceania SirenaSep 26, 2024$26,199$4,400
24-Nights from Barcelona to Rome Cruise Oceania MarinaOct 2, 2024$10,899$4,400
17-Nights from Barcelona to Athens Cruise Oceania VistaOct 3, 2024$18,499$4,400
79-Nights from Los Angeles to Sydney Cruise Oceania RegattaOct 3, 2024$29,649$4,400
41-Nights from Los Angeles to Singapore Cruise Oceania RegattaOct 3, 2024$15,399$4,400
65-Nights from Los Angeles to Auckland Cruise Oceania RegattaOct 3, 2024$25,099$4,400
17-Nights from Istanbul to Trieste Cruise Oceania RivieraOct 8, 2024$10,599$4,400
17-Nights Roundtrip from Rome Cruise Oceania VistaOct 13, 2024$11,199$4,400
20-Nights from Athens to Rome Cruise Oceania RivieraOct 15, 2024$9,099$4,400
42-Nights from Valletta to Miami Cruise Oceania MarinaOct 16, 2024$21,199$4,400
20-Nights from Valletta to Barcelona Cruise Oceania MarinaOct 16, 2024$8,899$4,400
27-Nights from Amsterdam to New York Cruise Oceania SirenaOct 23, 2024$7,799$4,400
20-Nights from Rome to Lisbon Cruise Oceania MarinaOct 26, 2024$8,599$4,400
32-Nights from Rome to Miami Cruise Oceania MarinaOct 26, 2024$15,599$4,400
25-Nights from Montreal to Oranjestad Cruise Oceania InsigniaOct 28, 2024$7,699$4,400
36-Nights from Montreal to Miami Cruise Oceania NauticaOct 28, 2024$14,299$4,400
54-Nights from Tokyo to Sydney Cruise Oceania RegattaOct 29, 2024$17,899$4,400
40-Nights from Tokyo to Auckland Cruise Oceania RegattaOct 29, 2024$12,999$4,400
21-Nights Roundtrip from Rome Cruise Oceania VistaOct 30, 2024$8,799$4,400
36-Nights from Rome to Miami Cruise Oceania VistaOct 30, 2024$12,099$4,400
31-Nights from Amsterdam to Miami Cruise Oceania SirenaNov 3, 2024$6,999$4,400
22-Nights from Barcelona to Miami Cruise Oceania MarinaNov 5, 2024$10,599$4,400
44-Nights Roundtrip from Miami Cruise Oceania NauticaNov 9, 2024$15,399$4,400
24-Nights from Athens to Miami Cruise Oceania VistaNov 11, 2024$6,999$4,400
38-Nights from Singapore to Sydney Cruise Oceania RegattaNov 14, 2024$12,199$4,400
27-Nights from Rome to Miami Cruise Oceania VistaNov 20, 2024$8,699$4,400
20-Nights Roundtrip from Miami Cruise Oceania NauticaDec 3, 2024$4,699$4,400
17-Nights Roundtrip from Miami Cruise Oceania SirenaDec 4, 2024$3,799$4,400
50-Nights from Miami to Rio de Janeiro Cruise Oceania MarinaDec 7, 2024$20,749$4,400
38-Nights from Miami to Buenos Aires Cruise Oceania MarinaDec 7, 2024$13,599$4,400
22-Nights Roundtrip from Miami Cruise Oceania VistaDec 17, 2024$7,799$4,400
36-Nights from Lima/machu Picchu (callao) to Rio de Jan... Oceania MarinaDec 21, 2024$13,399$4,400
32-Nights from Miami to Bridgetown Cruise Oceania SirenaDec 21, 2024$9,299$4,400
50-Nights Roundtrip from Sydney Cruise Oceania RegattaDec 22, 2024$46,999$4,400
34-Nights Roundtrip from Sydney Cruise Oceania RegattaDec 22, 2024$10,699$4,400
50-Nights Roundtrip from Sydney Cruise Oceania RegattaDec 22, 2024$16,999$4,400
25-Nights Roundtrip from Bridgetown Cruise Oceania SirenaJan 4, 2025$8,499$4,400
44-Nights from Miami to Cape Town Cruise Oceania InsigniaJan 5, 2025$16,999$4,400
77-Nights from Miami to Singapore Cruise Oceania InsigniaJan 5, 2025$22,899$4,400
90-Nights Roundtrip from Miami Cruise Oceania VistaJan 8, 2025$37,799$4,400
33-Nights from Singapore to Tokyo Cruise Oceania RivieraJan 12, 2025$12,899$4,400
57-Nights Roundtrip from Singapore Cruise Oceania RivieraJan 12, 2025$20,299$4,400
21-Nights Roundtrip from Miami Cruise Oceania SirenaFeb 8, 2025$6,799$4,400
18-Nights from Buenos Aires to Santiago Cruise Oceania MarinaFeb 16, 2025$46,999$4,400
18-Nights Roundtrip from Miami Cruise Oceania VistaFeb 19, 2025$7,899$4,400
34-Nights from Auckland to Singapore Cruise Oceania RegattaFeb 24, 2025$12,499$4,400
111-Nights from Papeete to Barcelona Cruise Oceania NauticaFeb 25, 2025$41,299$4,400
28-Nights from Papeete to Auckland Cruise Oceania NauticaFeb 25, 2025$11,199$4,400
50-Nights from Papeete to Singapore Cruise Oceania NauticaFeb 25, 2025$16,099$4,400
85-Nights from Papeete to Cape Town Cruise Oceania NauticaFeb 25, 2025$25,999$4,400
22-Nights Roundtrip from Miami Cruise Oceania SirenaMar 1, 2025$6,799$4,400
63-Nights from Santiago to Barcelona Cruise Oceania MarinaMar 6, 2025$21,199$4,400
30-Nights from Santiago to Rio de Janeiro Cruise Oceania MarinaMar 6, 2025$11,899$4,400
40-Nights from Papeete to Singapore Cruise Oceania NauticaMar 7, 2025$13,299$4,400
75-Nights from Papeete to Cape Town Cruise Oceania NauticaMar 7, 2025$23,299$4,400
18-Nights Roundtrip from Miami Cruise Oceania VistaMar 9, 2025$7,599$4,400
22-Nights from Singapore to Tokyo Cruise Oceania RivieraMar 10, 2025$9,299$4,400
19-Nights Roundtrip from Miami Cruise Oceania VistaMar 20, 2025$7,199$4,400
20-Nights Roundtrip from Miami Cruise Oceania SirenaMar 23, 2025$6,099$4,400
38-Nights from Buenos Aires to Lisbon Cruise Oceania MarinaMar 24, 2025$13,999$4,400
45-Nights from Buenos Aires to Barcelona Cruise Oceania MarinaMar 24, 2025$17,099$4,400
26-Nights from Rio de Janeiro to Lisbon Cruise Oceania MarinaApr 5, 2025$9,899$4,400
33-Nights from Rio de Janeiro to Barcelona Cruise Oceania MarinaApr 5, 2025$12,899$4,400
23-Nights Roundtrip from Miami Cruise Oceania VistaApr 8, 2025$8,599$4,400
29-Nights from Singapore to Kyoto Cruise Oceania RegattaApr 9, 2025$11,099$5,150
31-Nights from Miami to Rome Cruise Oceania SirenaApr 12, 2025$8,499$4,400
24-Nights from Miami to Barcelona Cruise Oceania SirenaApr 12, 2025$6,499$4,400
31-Nights from Tokyo to Vancouver Cruise Oceania RivieraApr 13, 2025$14,499$4,400
61-Nights from Singapore to Barcelona Cruise Oceania NauticaApr 17, 2025$20,499$4,400
71-Nights from Singapore to Monte-Carlo Cruise Oceania NauticaApr 17, 2025$22,999$4,400
24-Nights from Miami to Lisbon Cruise Oceania VistaApr 19, 2025$8,799$4,400
34-Nights from Miami to London Cruise Oceania VistaApr 19, 2025$13,499$4,400
45-Nights from Miami to London Cruise Oceania VistaApr 19, 2025$42,999$4,400
21-Nights from San Juan to Rome Cruise Oceania SirenaApr 22, 2025$6,099$4,400
28-Nights from Taipei to Tokyo Cruise Oceania RegattaApr 24, 2025$10,299$4,400
22-Nights from Miami to London Cruise Oceania VistaMay 1, 2025$9,199$4,400
33-Nights from Miami to London Cruise Oceania VistaMay 1, 2025$32,199$4,400
61-Nights from Perth to San Diego Cruise Oceania InsigniaMay 4, 2025$21,799$4,400
21-Nights from Lisbon to London Cruise Oceania VistaMay 13, 2025$25,399$4,400
72-Nights from Tokyo to Honolulu Cruise Oceania RegattaMay 22, 2025$27,499$4,400
32-Nights from Tokyo to Bali Cruise Oceania RegattaMay 22, 2025$11,699$4,400
57-Nights from Auckland to New York Cruise Oceania InsigniaMay 28, 2025$17,099$4,400
37-Nights from Auckland to San Diego Cruise Oceania InsigniaMay 28, 2025$12,099$4,400
45-Nights from Hong Kong to Papeete Cruise Oceania RegattaJun 3, 2025$14,999$4,400
37-Nights from Papeete to New York Cruise Oceania InsigniaJun 16, 2025$10,999$4,400
40-Nights from Bali to Honolulu Cruise Oceania RegattaJun 23, 2025$12,299$4,400
59-Nights from Barcelona to Singapore CruiseOceania RivieraNov 14, 2024$47,099
39-Nights from Rio de Janeiro to Santiago CruiseOceania MarinaJan 26, 2025$12,399
42-Nights from Hong Kong to Singapore CruiseOceania RivieraJan 27, 2025$15,199
25-Nights from Barcelona to Copenhagen CruiseOceania SirenaMay 20, 2025$9,099
23-Nights from Dublin to Stockholm CruiseOceania SirenaJun 3, 2025$9,399
35-Nights from Dublin to Kiel CruiseOceania SirenaJun 3, 2025$12,799
26-Nights from London to Oslo CruiseOceania VistaJun 3, 2025$13,799
36-Nights Roundtrip from Copenhagen CruiseOceania SirenaJun 14, 2025$12,699
24-Nights from London to Stockholm CruiseOceania VistaJun 15, 2025$12,699
20-Nights from Rome to Istanbul CruiseOceania NauticaJul 7, 2025$7,199
46-Nights Roundtrip from Rome CruiseOceania NauticaJul 7, 2025$13,999
36-Nights from Venice to Rome CruiseOceania NauticaJul 17, 2025$11,299
25-Nights Roundtrip from London CruiseOceania VistaJul 21, 2025$12,699
28-Nights from Montreal to London CruiseOceania MarinaJul 27, 2025$11,499
Fares are per person in US dollars, based on double occupancy. Savings, Onboard Credits and other amenity values are quoted per stateroom/suite. All prices, discounts and special offers are capacity controlled and subject to change without notice. Not all special offers available in all categories and sailings. Availability and pricing is not guaranteed until booking and deposit received.