Oceania Regatta

Sleek and elegantly charming, Regatta is the flagship of the Oceania Cruises fleet. Her decks are resplendent in the finest teak, custom stone and tile work, and her lounges, suites and staterooms boast luxurious, neo-classical furnishings.

Regatta features four unique, open-seating restaurants, a world-class fitness center and spa, eight lounges and bars, a casino and 342 lavish suites and luxurious staterooms, nearly 70% of which feature private verandas. With just 684 guests to pamper, the 400 professionally trained European staff ensure you will want for nothing.

Regatta is a sister ship to Insignia, Nautica, and Sirena.

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CruisesShipDate Sort by SaildateFare FromSavings
11-Nights from Vancouver to Seattle Cruise Oceania RegattaMay 30, 2024$4,099$4,400
11-Nights Roundtrip from Seattle Cruise  Oceania RegattaJun 10, 2024$4,299$4,750
7-Nights Roundtrip from Seattle Cruise  Oceania RegattaJun 21, 2024$3,199$4,722
11-Nights Roundtrip from Seattle Cruise  Oceania RegattaJul 26, 2024$4,449$4,750
10-Nights Roundtrip from Seattle Cruise  Oceania RegattaAug 6, 2024$4,399$4,860
12-Nights from Vancouver to Los Angeles Cruise  Oceania RegattaSep 14, 2024$3,699$10,952
25-Nights from Los Angeles to Tokyo Cruise  Oceania RegattaOct 3, 2024$7,449$10,750
16-Nights from Tokyo to Singapore Cruise  Oceania RegattaOct 29, 2024$10,799$5,136
14-Nights from Perth to Sydney Cruise  Oceania RegattaJan 11, 2025$18,899$5,044
20-Nights from Sydney to Singapore Cruise  Oceania RegattaMar 10, 2025$7,299$11,500
15-Nights from Singapore to Taipei Cruise  Oceania RegattaApr 9, 2025$6,649$10,750
25-Nights from Bali to Papeete Cruise  Oceania RegattaJun 23, 2025$10,299$12,254
15-Nights from Papeete to Honolulu Cruise  Oceania RegattaJul 17, 2025$6,799$5,090
11-Nights Roundtrip from Seattle Cruise Oceania RegattaJun 28, 2024$4,349$4,400
10-Nights Roundtrip from Seattle Cruise Oceania RegattaJul 9, 2024$4,299$4,400
7-Nights Roundtrip from Seattle Cruise Oceania RegattaJul 19, 2024$3,399$4,400
12-Nights Roundtrip from Seattle Cruise Oceania RegattaAug 16, 2024$4,749$4,400
10-Nights from Seattle to Vancouver Cruise Oceania RegattaAug 28, 2024$3,999$4,400
7-Nights Roundtrip from Vancouver Cruise Oceania RegattaSep 7, 2024$2,899$4,400
19-Nights from Vancouver to Los Angeles Cruise Oceania RegattaSep 14, 2024$5,399$4,400
7-Nights Roundtrip from Los Angeles Cruise Oceania RegattaSep 26, 2024$2,549$4,400
79-Nights from Los Angeles to Sydney Cruise Oceania RegattaOct 3, 2024$29,649$4,400
41-Nights from Los Angeles to Singapore Cruise Oceania RegattaOct 3, 2024$12,399$4,400
65-Nights from Los Angeles to Auckland Cruise Oceania RegattaOct 3, 2024$18,999$4,400
54-Nights from Tokyo to Sydney Cruise Oceania RegattaOct 29, 2024$18,399$4,400
40-Nights from Tokyo to Auckland Cruise Oceania RegattaOct 29, 2024$13,299$4,400
38-Nights from Singapore to Sydney Cruise Oceania RegattaNov 14, 2024$12,199$4,400
24-Nights from Singapore to Auckland Cruise Oceania RegattaNov 14, 2024$8,049$5,150
14-Nights from Auckland to Sydney Cruise Oceania RegattaDec 8, 2024$7,099$5,150
50-Nights Roundtrip from Sydney Cruise Oceania RegattaDec 22, 2024$46,999$4,400
20-Nights from Sydney to Perth Cruise Oceania RegattaDec 22, 2024$8,649$4,400
34-Nights Roundtrip from Sydney Cruise Oceania RegattaDec 22, 2024$37,899$4,400
50-Nights Roundtrip from Sydney Cruise Oceania RegattaDec 22, 2024$16,999$4,400
16-Nights Roundtrip from Sydney Cruise Oceania RegattaJan 25, 2025$8,999$11,150
14-Nights from Sydney to Auckland Cruise Oceania RegattaFeb 10, 2025$7,999$5,150
14-Nights from Auckland to Sydney Cruise Oceania RegattaFeb 24, 2025$8,099$5,150
34-Nights from Auckland to Singapore Cruise Oceania RegattaFeb 24, 2025$13,099$4,400
6-Nights Roundtrip from Singapore Cruise Oceania RegattaApr 3, 2025$3,699$6,000
29-Nights from Singapore to Kyoto Cruise Oceania RegattaApr 9, 2025$11,099$5,150
28-Nights from Taipei to Tokyo Cruise Oceania RegattaApr 24, 2025$10,599$4,400
14-Nights from Taipei to Kyoto Cruise Oceania RegattaApr 24, 2025$6,599$11,150
14-Nights from Kyoto (kobe) to Tokyo Cruise Oceania RegattaMay 8, 2025$7,149$10,400
72-Nights from Tokyo to Honolulu Cruise Oceania RegattaMay 22, 2025$28,649$4,400
32-Nights from Tokyo to Bali Cruise Oceania RegattaMay 22, 2025$11,999$4,400
12-Nights from Tokyo to Hong Kong Cruise Oceania RegattaMay 22, 2025$5,849$11,150
20-Nights from Hong Kong to Bali Cruise Oceania RegattaJun 3, 2025$8,299$11,150
45-Nights from Hong Kong to Papeete Cruise Oceania RegattaJun 3, 2025$15,399$4,400
40-Nights from Bali to Honolulu Cruise Oceania RegattaJun 23, 2025$12,299$4,400
21-Nights from Singapore to Taipei CruiseOceania RegattaApr 3, 2025$8,499
Fares are per person in US dollars, based on double occupancy. Savings, Onboard Credits and other amenity values are quoted per stateroom/suite. All prices, discounts and special offers are capacity controlled and subject to change without notice. Not all special offers available in all categories and sailings. Availability and pricing is not guaranteed until booking and deposit received.