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CruisesShipDateFare FromSavings
6-Nights Roundtrip from Singapore Cruise New OfferingOceania RegattaApr 3, 2025$3,699
21-Nights from Singapore to Taipei Cruise New OfferingOceania RegattaApr 3, 2025$8,099
20-Nights from Singapore to Dubai Cruise Oceania InsigniaApr 23, 2024$10,049$4,400
16-Nights from Singapore to Dubai Cruise Oceania RivieraApr 28, 2024$7,399$4,400
16-Nights from Tokyo to Singapore Cruise  Oceania RegattaOct 29, 2024$6,699$5,136
15-Nights from Singapore to Hong Kong Cruise  Oceania RivieraJan 12, 2025$7,199$5,500
24-Nights from Tokyo to Singapore Cruise  Oceania RivieraFeb 14, 2025$10,149$6,254
20-Nights from Sydney to Singapore Cruise  Oceania RegattaMar 10, 2025$7,299$5,500
22-Nights from Auckland to Singapore Cruise  Oceania NauticaMar 26, 2025$7,599$6,162
15-Nights from Singapore to Taipei Cruise  Oceania RegattaApr 9, 2025$6,649$4,750
20-Nights from Taipei to Perth Cruise  Oceania InsigniaApr 14, 2025$7,699$5,320
35-Nights from Singapore to Cape Town Cruise  Oceania NauticaApr 17, 2025$12,999$6,760
25-Nights from Bali to Papeete Cruise  Oceania RegattaJun 23, 2025$10,299$6,254
79-Nights from Los Angeles to Sydney Cruise Oceania RegattaOct 3, 2024$29,649$4,400
41-Nights from Los Angeles to Singapore Cruise Oceania RegattaOct 3, 2024$15,399$4,400
65-Nights from Los Angeles to Auckland Cruise Oceania RegattaOct 3, 2024$25,099$4,400
54-Nights from Tokyo to Sydney Cruise Oceania RegattaOct 29, 2024$17,899$4,400
40-Nights from Tokyo to Auckland Cruise Oceania RegattaOct 29, 2024$12,999$4,400
38-Nights from Singapore to Sydney Cruise Oceania RegattaNov 14, 2024$12,199$4,400
24-Nights from Singapore to Auckland Cruise Oceania RegattaNov 14, 2024$8,049$5,150
50-Nights Roundtrip from Sydney Cruise Oceania RegattaDec 22, 2024$46,999$4,400
20-Nights from Sydney to Perth Cruise Oceania RegattaDec 22, 2024$8,649$4,400
34-Nights Roundtrip from Sydney Cruise Oceania RegattaDec 22, 2024$10,699$4,400
50-Nights Roundtrip from Sydney Cruise Oceania RegattaDec 22, 2024$16,999$4,400
196-Nights Roundtrip from Miami Cruise Oceania InsigniaJan 5, 2025$62,299$4,400
200-Nights from Miami to New York Cruise Oceania InsigniaJan 5, 2025$62,299$4,400
180-Nights from Miami to San Diego Cruise Oceania InsigniaJan 5, 2025$55,999$4,400
77-Nights from Miami to Singapore Cruise Oceania InsigniaJan 5, 2025$22,899$4,400
33-Nights from Singapore to Tokyo Cruise Oceania RivieraJan 12, 2025$12,899$4,400
57-Nights Roundtrip from Singapore Cruise Oceania RivieraJan 12, 2025$20,299$4,400
33-Nights from Cape Town to Singapore Cruise Oceania InsigniaFeb 18, 2025$16,999$4,400
34-Nights from Auckland to Singapore Cruise Oceania RegattaFeb 24, 2025$12,499$4,400
111-Nights from Papeete to Barcelona Cruise Oceania NauticaFeb 25, 2025$41,299$4,400
50-Nights from Papeete to Singapore Cruise Oceania NauticaFeb 25, 2025$16,099$4,400
85-Nights from Papeete to Cape Town Cruise Oceania NauticaFeb 25, 2025$25,999$4,400
40-Nights from Papeete to Singapore Cruise Oceania NauticaMar 7, 2025$13,299$4,400
75-Nights from Papeete to Cape Town Cruise Oceania NauticaMar 7, 2025$23,299$4,400
11-Nights from Singapore to Hong Kong Cruise Oceania RivieraMar 10, 2025$5,749$5,150
22-Nights from Singapore to Tokyo Cruise Oceania RivieraMar 10, 2025$9,299$4,400
22-Nights from Singapore to Taipei Cruise Oceania InsigniaMar 23, 2025$9,849$5,150
29-Nights from Singapore to Kyoto Cruise Oceania RegattaApr 9, 2025$11,099$5,150
61-Nights from Singapore to Barcelona Cruise Oceania NauticaApr 17, 2025$20,499$4,400
71-Nights from Singapore to Monte-Carlo Cruise Oceania NauticaApr 17, 2025$22,999$4,400
72-Nights from Tokyo to Honolulu Cruise Oceania RegattaMay 22, 2025$27,499$4,400
32-Nights from Tokyo to Bali Cruise Oceania RegattaMay 22, 2025$11,699$4,400
20-Nights from Hong Kong to Bali Cruise Oceania RegattaJun 3, 2025$8,299$5,150
45-Nights from Hong Kong to Papeete Cruise Oceania RegattaJun 3, 2025$14,999$4,400
40-Nights from Bali to Honolulu Cruise Oceania RegattaJun 23, 2025$12,299$4,400
59-Nights from Barcelona to Singapore CruiseOceania RivieraNov 14, 2024$47,099
32-Nights from Cape Town to Singapore CruiseOceania RivieraDec 11, 2024$24,999
42-Nights from Hong Kong to Singapore CruiseOceania RivieraJan 27, 2025$15,199
Fares are per person in US dollars, based on double occupancy. Savings, Onboard Credits and other amenity values are quoted per stateroom/suite. All prices, discounts and special offers are capacity controlled and subject to change without notice. Not all special offers available in all categories and sailings. Availability and pricing is not guaranteed until booking and deposit received.