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CruisesShipDateFare FromSavings
12-Nights from Amsterdam to Oslo Cruise  Oceania MarinaJun 24, 2024$5,299$12,952
12-Nights from Copenhagen to Reykjavik Cruise  Oceania SirenaJun 25, 2024$6,099$4,952
10-Nights from Reykjavik to Copenhagen Cruise  Oceania InsigniaJul 26, 2024$5,199$4,860
10-Nights from Copenhagen to Tromso Cruise  Oceania MarinaJul 26, 2024$5,699$12,750
18-Nights from Oslo to London Cruise  Oceania SirenaAug 10, 2024$8,149$4,750
7-Nights from Copenhagen to Stockholm Cruise  Oceania SirenaSep 19, 2024$6,399$4,750
10-Nights from Stockholm to Copenhagen Cruise  Oceania SirenaSep 26, 2024$4,799$4,860
12-Nights from Copenhagen to Stockholm Cruise Oceania SirenaJun 14, 2025$5,499$1,320
14-Nights from London to Oslo Cruise Oceania VistaJun 15, 2025$8,699$1,320
11-Nights from London to Reykjavik Cruise Oceania MarinaJun 30, 2025$5,299$1,320
14-Nights Roundtrip from London Cruise Oceania VistaJul 21, 2025$7,099$350
18-Nights from Edinburgh to Amsterdam Cruise Oceania SirenaAug 25, 2025$7,299$1,320
31-Nights from Rome to Copenhagen Cruise Oceania SirenaMay 25, 2024$10,799$4,400
43-Nights from Rome to Reykjavik Cruise Oceania SirenaMay 25, 2024$14,599$4,400
23-Nights from Lisbon to Oslo Cruise Oceania MarinaJun 13, 2024$8,599$4,400
11-Nights from Dublin to Copenhagen Cruise Oceania SirenaJun 14, 2024$5,999$4,400
23-Nights from Dublin to Reykjavik Cruise Oceania SirenaJun 14, 2024$9,799$4,400
22-Nights from Amsterdam to London Cruise Oceania MarinaJun 24, 2024$8,999$4,400
19-Nights from Amsterdam to Stockholm Cruise Oceania NauticaJul 4, 2024$25,199$4,400
10-Nights from Oslo to London Cruise Oceania MarinaJul 6, 2024$5,699$12,400
20-Nights from Oslo to Copenhagen Cruise Oceania MarinaJul 6, 2024$8,399$4,400
24-Nights from New York to Copenhagen Cruise Oceania InsigniaJul 12, 2024$9,499$4,400
51-Nights Roundtrip from New York Cruise Oceania InsigniaJul 12, 2024$18,349$4,400
10-Nights from London to Stockholm Cruise Oceania NauticaJul 13, 2024$8,499$4,400
10-Nights from London to Copenhagen Cruise Oceania MarinaJul 16, 2024$4,849$4,400
44-Nights Roundtrip from London Cruise Oceania MarinaJul 16, 2024$23,499$4,400
24-Nights from Reykjavik to Oslo Cruise Oceania SirenaJul 17, 2024$9,999$4,400
22-Nights from Stockholm to Dublin Cruise Oceania NauticaJul 23, 2024$8,499$4,400
12-Nights from Stockholm to Dublin Cruise Oceania NauticaJul 23, 2024$5,399$4,400
25-Nights from Copenhagen to Reykjavik Cruise Oceania MarinaJul 26, 2024$14,199$4,400
34-Nights from Copenhagen to London Cruise Oceania MarinaJul 26, 2024$19,299$4,400
10-Nights from Hamburg to Oslo Cruise Oceania SirenaJul 31, 2024$5,399$4,400
12-Nights from Copenhagen to London Cruise Oceania InsigniaAug 5, 2024$5,499$4,400
27-Nights from Copenhagen to New York Cruise Oceania InsigniaAug 5, 2024$8,699$4,400
15-Nights from Tromso to Reykjavik Cruise Oceania MarinaAug 5, 2024$9,599$12,400
30-Nights from Oslo to Stockholm Cruise Oceania SirenaAug 10, 2024$11,099$4,400
12-Nights from London to Stockholm Cruise Oceania SirenaAug 28, 2024$5,249$12,400
10-Nights from Stockholm to Copenhagen Cruise Oceania SirenaSep 9, 2024$4,799$4,400
22-Nights from Stockholm to Amsterdam Cruise Oceania SirenaSep 26, 2024$7,999$4,400
12-Nights from Copenhagen to Amsterdam Cruise Oceania SirenaOct 6, 2024$5,549$12,400
25-Nights from Barcelona to Copenhagen CruiseOceania SirenaMay 20, 2025$8,599
11-Nights from Dublin to Copenhagen CruiseOceania SirenaJun 3, 2025$5,399
23-Nights from Dublin to Stockholm CruiseOceania SirenaJun 3, 2025$9,099
35-Nights from Dublin to Kiel CruiseOceania SirenaJun 3, 2025$12,499
26-Nights from London to Oslo CruiseOceania VistaJun 3, 2025$13,299
36-Nights Roundtrip from Copenhagen CruiseOceania SirenaJun 14, 2025$12,499
24-Nights from London to Stockholm CruiseOceania VistaJun 15, 2025$12,399
12-Nights from Stockholm to Kiel CruiseOceania SirenaJun 26, 2025$4,999
10-Nights from Oslo to Stockholm CruiseOceania VistaJun 29, 2025$5,599
12-Nights from Kiel to Copenhagen CruiseOceania SirenaJul 8, 2025$5,499
12-Nights from Stockholm to London CruiseOceania VistaJul 9, 2025$6,299
11-Nights from Copenhagen to Reykjavik CruiseOceania SirenaJul 20, 2025$4,999
25-Nights Roundtrip from London CruiseOceania VistaJul 21, 2025$12,399
32-Nights from Reykjavik to Amsterdam CruiseOceania SirenaAug 11, 2025$11,299
54-Nights from Reykjavik to Lisbon CruiseOceania SirenaAug 11, 2025$17,299
28-Nights from Edinburgh to Antwerp CruiseOceania SirenaAug 25, 2025$9,699
Fares are per person in US dollars, based on double occupancy. Savings, Onboard Credits and other amenity values are quoted per stateroom/suite. All prices, discounts and special offers are capacity controlled and subject to change without notice. Not all special offers available in all categories and sailings. Availability and pricing is not guaranteed until booking and deposit received.