Oceania Marina

Oceania's Marina blends sophistication with a contemporary flair to create a casually elegant ambiance. From the sparkling Lalique Grand Staircase to the stunning Owner's Suites furnished in Ralph Lauren Home, designer touches are everywhere, highlighting the finest residential design and furnishings. More than anything, Marina personifies the Oceania Cruises experience.

Designed for epicureans and travel connoisseurs, Marina offers guests multiple dining venues, of which six are open-seating gourmet restaurants with no surcharge.

Intimate and luxurious, Marina offers warmth and charm with a country club casual ambiance and high level of personalized service - with a guest to staff ratio of 1.6 to 1. Marina has 10 public decks and accommodates 1250 guests.

Marina is the sister ship to Riviera.

CruisesShipDate Sort by SaildateFare FromSavings
10-Nights from Miami to Panama City Cruise New OfferingOceania MarinaJan 22, 2022$5,099
10-Nights from Panama City to Miami Cruise New OfferingOceania MarinaFeb 1, 2022$5,099
16-Nights from Miami to Rome Cruise  Oceania MarinaMar 19, 2022$5,099$1,536
7-Nights from Venice to Rome Cruise  Oceania MarinaApr 14, 2022$3,199$722
7-Nights from Monte-Carlo to Barcelona Cruise  Oceania MarinaApr 25, 2022$2,799$722
12-Nights from Barcelona to Venice Cruise  Oceania MarinaMay 2, 2022$5,549$1,152
10-Nights from Venice to Rome Cruise  Oceania MarinaMay 14, 2022$4,199$1,060
12-Nights from Rome to London Cruise  Oceania MarinaMay 24, 2022$4,699$1,152
12-Nights from Copenhagen to Oslo Cruise  Oceania MarinaJun 17, 2022$6,699$1,152
7-Nights from Stockholm to Copenhagen Cruise  Oceania MarinaAug 17, 2022$4,249$860
11-Nights from Copenhagen to Stockholm Cruise  Oceania MarinaAug 24, 2022$6,349$1,060
15-Nights from Monte-Carlo to Miami Cruise  Oceania MarinaNov 19, 2022$4,499$1,490
21-Nights from Miami to Rio de Janeiro Cruise  Oceania MarinaDec 18, 2022$7,949$1,766
20-Nights from Santiago to Buenos Aires Cruise  Oceania MarinaFeb 7, 2023$8,299$1,720
14-Nights from Miami to Barcelona Cruise  Oceania MarinaApr 6, 2023$4,499$1,444
7-Nights from Rome to Athens Cruise Oceania MarinaApr 27, 2023$3,049$322
10-Nights from Stockholm to Copenhagen Cruise Oceania MarinaAug 2, 2023$4,399$460
10-Nights from Copenhagen to Stockholm Cruise Oceania MarinaAug 12, 2023$5,099$460
12-Nights from Stockholm to London Cruise Oceania MarinaAug 22, 2023$4,699$552
13-Nights from Lisbon to Miami Cruise Oceania MarinaNov 20, 2023$3,449$598
26-Nights from Miami to Venice Cruise Oceania MarinaMar 19, 2022$8,049$800
10-Nights from Rome to Venice Cruise Oceania MarinaApr 4, 2022$4,349$600
22-Nights from Venice to London Cruise Oceania MarinaMay 14, 2022$8,399$800
24-Nights from Rome to Copenhagen Cruise Oceania MarinaMay 24, 2022$10,499$800
12-Nights from London to Copenhagen Cruise Oceania MarinaJun 5, 2022$4,999$1,000
22-Nights from Copenhagen to London Cruise Oceania MarinaJun 17, 2022$11,099$800
22-Nights from Oslo to Copenhagen Cruise Oceania MarinaJun 29, 2022$11,199$800
10-Nights from Oslo to London Cruise Oceania MarinaJun 29, 2022$5,099$600
12-Nights from London to Copenhagen Cruise Oceania MarinaJul 9, 2022$6,799$600
10-Nights from Copenhagen to Stockholm Cruise Oceania MarinaJul 21, 2022$6,249$600
10-Nights from Copenhagen to Stockholm Cruise Oceania MarinaAug 7, 2022$6,099$600
9-Nights from Stockholm to Oslo Cruise Oceania MarinaSep 4, 2022$5,449$750
28-Nights from Oslo to Lisbon Cruise Oceania MarinaSep 13, 2022$12,899$800
14-Nights from Oslo to Amsterdam Cruise Oceania MarinaSep 13, 2022$5,199$800
14-Nights from Amsterdam to Lisbon Cruise Oceania MarinaSep 27, 2022$7,499$1,200
21-Nights from Amsterdam to Barcelona Cruise Oceania MarinaSep 27, 2022$9,599$800
7-Nights from Lisbon to Barcelona Cruise Oceania MarinaOct 11, 2022$3,999$400
21-Nights from Lisbon to Athens Cruise Oceania MarinaOct 11, 2022$8,899$800
14-Nights from Barcelona to Athens Cruise Oceania MarinaOct 18, 2022$6,499$800
24-Nights from Barcelona to Rome Cruise Oceania MarinaOct 18, 2022$9,099$800
10-Nights from Athens to Rome Cruise Oceania MarinaNov 1, 2022$4,349$600
18-Nights from Athens to Monte-Carlo Cruise Oceania MarinaNov 1, 2022$6,699$800
8-Nights from Rome to Monte-Carlo Cruise Oceania MarinaNov 11, 2022$6,999$400
23-Nights from Rome to Miami Cruise Oceania MarinaNov 11, 2022$6,599$800
14-Nights Roundtrip from Miami Cruise Oceania MarinaDec 4, 2022$4,499$800
31-Nights from Miami to Buenos Aires Cruise Oceania MarinaDec 18, 2022$10,799$800
51-Nights from Miami to Santiago Cruise Oceania MarinaDec 18, 2022$19,899$800
10-Nights from Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires Cruise Oceania MarinaJan 8, 2023$4,999$600
30-Nights from Rio de Janeiro to Santiago Cruise Oceania MarinaJan 8, 2023$11,199$800
20-Nights from Buenos Aires to Santiago Cruise Oceania MarinaJan 18, 2023$8,199$800
20-Nights from Buenos Aires to Lima/machu Picchu (calla... Oceania MarinaFeb 27, 2023$7,799$1,150
38-Nights from Buenos Aires to Miami Cruise Oceania MarinaFeb 27, 2023$12,199$800
18-Nights from Lima/machu Picchu (callao) to Miami Crui... Oceania MarinaMar 19, 2023$6,199$800
21-Nights from Miami to Rome Cruise Oceania MarinaApr 6, 2023$6,599$800
7-Nights from Barcelona to Rome Cruise Oceania MarinaApr 20, 2023$3,749$400
14-Nights from Rome to Istanbul CruiseOceania MarinaApr 27, 2023$4,699
7-Nights from Athens to Istanbul CruiseOceania MarinaMay 4, 2023$3,149
19-Nights from Athens to Lisbon CruiseOceania MarinaMay 4, 2023$6,099
12-Nights from Istanbul to Lisbon CruiseOceania MarinaMay 11, 2023$4,499
34-Nights from Istanbul to Copenhagen CruiseOceania MarinaMay 11, 2023$14,799
22-Nights from Istanbul to Amsterdam CruiseOceania MarinaMay 11, 2023$7,499
22-Nights from Lisbon to Copenhagen CruiseOceania MarinaMay 23, 2023$7,549
10-Nights from Lisbon to Amsterdam CruiseOceania MarinaMay 23, 2023$4,199$350
12-Nights from Amsterdam to Copenhagen CruiseOceania MarinaJun 2, 2023$4,799
7-Nights from Copenhagen to Stockholm CruiseOceania MarinaJun 14, 2023$3,599
10-Nights from Stockholm to Oslo CruiseOceania MarinaJun 21, 2023$4,499
20-Nights from Stockholm to London CruiseOceania MarinaJun 21, 2023$7,799
10-Nights from Oslo to London CruiseOceania MarinaJul 1, 2023$5,099$350
22-Nights from Oslo to Copenhagen CruiseOceania MarinaJul 1, 2023$8,399
12-Nights from London to Copenhagen CruiseOceania MarinaJul 11, 2023$4,899
10-Nights from Copenhagen to Stockholm CruiseOceania MarinaJul 23, 2023$5,199
14-Nights Roundtrip from London CruiseOceania MarinaSep 3, 2023$5,249$350
26-Nights from London to Barcelona CruiseOceania MarinaSep 3, 2023$8,649
24-Nights from London to Venice CruiseOceania MarinaSep 17, 2023$7,599
12-Nights from London to Barcelona CruiseOceania MarinaSep 17, 2023$4,899
12-Nights from Barcelona to Venice CruiseOceania MarinaSep 29, 2023$3,899
10-Nights from Venice to Barcelona CruiseOceania MarinaOct 11, 2023$3,399
7-Nights from Barcelona to Lisbon CruiseOceania MarinaNov 13, 2023$3,249
20-Nights from Barcelona to Miami CruiseOceania MarinaNov 13, 2023$5,999
Fares are per person in US dollars, based on double occupancy. Savings, Onboard Credits and other amenity values are quoted per stateroom/suite. All prices, discounts and special offers are capacity controlled and subject to change without notice. Not all special offers available in all categories and sailings. Availability and pricing is not guaranteed until booking and deposit received.